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Albert Thurston

Albert Thurston Braces, Hand-Crafted in the UK

If you're something of a brace connoisseur, you are probably familiar with Albert Thurston, who is undoubtedly the father of the modern brace. Albert sold his braces from his fashion emporium in London's Haymarket over 200 years ago and the company he founded continues to make the world's finest braces using traditional techniques. Albert Thurston braces continue to be made by hand using the finest leathers and fabrics for royalty, prime ministers, presidents and stars of stage and screen and, of course, you and me!
Hand-crafted in England, Albert Thurston braces are mutli-fit to 46” / 116.8 cm and they range in width from super-skinny 18 mm to 40 mm. 

Albert Thurston Hand Crafted Braces

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Albert Thurston Braces

Many of the braces in this collection are made from rigid (non stretchy) fabric for that authentic look and have a section of elastic at the rear for fit and comfort.
As well as the stunning range of braces, we are also featuring Albert Thurston sock garters and armbands.
All the button on braces come with a set of buttons or we also have Albert Thurston clip on buttons available for purchase if you don't want to sew buttons to your pants.


The attention to detail, is second to none, whether you are buying a pair of sock garters or treating yourself to a set of the exquisite limited edition silk braces. Beautifully packaged, they make perfect gifts.
Worn by movie stars - yes these are the braces James Bond favours - but you don't have to rich and famous to wear them!