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Armbands or Sleeve Garters? What's in a name

Armbands - a gentleman's fashion accessory that provides the perfect finishing touch. Whether you are wearing your shirt sleeves down or rolled, armbands keep them where they should be.


Worn just above the elbow, it's easy to adjust the length of your sleeve so that your cuffs don't come too low when you're wearing a jacket or to keep rolled up sleeves....well....rolled up.


These armbands - or sleeve garters - are handmade using the best quality materials


Did you know we also sell sock garters and shirt stays?

Albert Thurston Armbands

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Armsbands – Garters For Sleeves

Armbands came into use in the latter part of the 19th century, when men’s shirts had long, loose sleeves. They were then, and are now, a practical accessory. Worn on the upper arm, armbands shorten the sleeve and help prevent the cuffs from becoming soiled.


Sleeve garters are a familiar sight in Hollywood movies, worn by gamblers, musicians, lawyers and wild west heroes. And armbands have successfully transitioned into a fashion accessory.