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Under Shirt Suspenders

Under Garment Braces

Super soft braces you can wear next to your skin.

Wearing regular braces beneath your shirt can be really uncomfortable. The elastic can irritate the skin, the adjusters are uncomfortable and they look bulky. Or you have to wear a t-shirt beneath the braces. These amazing under garment braces are made from super soft elastic that can be worn directly next to your skin with complete comfort. Ideal for wearing beneath a polo shirt, untucked casual shirt or tunic. They are perfect for wearing with shorts or pants.


If you need to wear specialist clothing for work or have had surgery that makes it hard to wear a belt, these braces are the perfect thing.


These under garment suspenders are available with regular clips or no-buzz airport friendly fastenings and also in hip clip style.


Our under shirt braces are made in the USA and are one of our most popular lines. This can mean that styles sometimes drop off the site until we receive new stocks from America.

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