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Work Braces

Durable and Reliable Work Braces

While you can wear pretty much any type of braces for work, there are some jobs that call for a more specialist type of suspenders which is why we are proud to sell braces for tradesmen.


You may need hi vis braces to work on a construction site or hip clip braces so you can comfortably drive a truck all day. Or perhaps you work in an environment with metal detectors, in which case our airport friendly braces are for you.


Some uniforms make it hard to wear regular braces, so we also sell under-garment braces. Ideal for under surgical scrubs, tunics and polo shirts.


As this section of the website grows, we intend to include more braces for hospitality staff, tradies, firemen, construction workers and more.


All our work braces are made from quality materials and are designed to last.

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