Hip Clip Suspenders Beige

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Truckers Braces

These hip clip braces have a unique design that eliminates the need for clips at the rear. Featuring two side clips, they are perfect for truck drivers or anyone who struggles with the rear clip.

Comfortable and easy to wear - simply slip them on like a waistcoat and fasten the side clips.

Featuring non-slip clips, these babies aren't going anywear!

Silver coloured size adjusters and clips. Brown leather cross patch.

Approximately 122 cm (48 ins) long and 38 cm (1.5 ins) wide.

Made in the US.

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2 Reviews

6th Aug 2018

Goes great with beige work pants

Good quality US made, work well.

28th Feb 2018

Good wear

I find this particular brace very easy to wear,
I would like them to have the airport clips as well

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