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Hold Up Suspenders

Hold Up Suspenders Non-Slip Clip Braces

Hold Up Suspenders in the USA play a significant part in the evolution of men's braces. Frustrated by clips that just didn't do the job and not a fan of button on braces, Sal Herman put his thinking cap on and the patented No-Slip® Suspender Clip was born.  These clips feature a needle-like pin in the centre of the clasp that pierce the fabric of the trouser waistband. As the name suggests, they hold up the pants without damaging the fabric.

This subsequently led to the development of the No-Slip® composite plastic gripper clasps. These braces with plastic clips actually grip harder the more they are pulled and are perfect for travelling. They are airport friendly and don't set off the metal detectors.

The Hold Up Suspender range of braces are manufactured in the US and North America and includes a diverse selection of innovative designs. From No Buzz airport friendly to under-garment braces. From double clip suspender to hip-clip braces. The choice is your's.

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