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Size Guide

How To Measure For Trouser Braces

What size braces should you buy?

Fitting braces is not an exact science and is very much dependent on the size and build of the wearer. It is more about how high your waistband is (and sometimes how big your tummy is) than how tall you are.


The following sizes are a guide and different manufacturers offer different sizes, but if in doubt we recommend getting out the tape measure!

Measure from the top of the trousers in the back where the suspenders will attach, diagonally up over the shoulder and down to the point where the suspenders will attach to the trousers in the front.


The brace sizes listed are fully extended. Once you have the measurement, round up to the next size braces, since the size indicates the length of the straps fully extended and braces can be shortened, not lengthened. And if the measurement is close but you prefer to have your size adjusters higher up on your body, go for the next size up because when fully extended the size adjuster will be close to the waistband.

Mens Braces Sizes

Suspender Factory:


46" / 116.8 cm (selected styles only)

48" / 122 cm

54" / 137 cm (selected styles only)


Hold Up Suspenders:


48" / 122 cm

54" / 137 cm (selected styles only)


Albert Thurston:


Multifit to 46” / 116.8 cm


Buckle 1922:


Multifit to 42 - 50" / 107 - 127 cm approx

3XL to 52" / 132 cm approx *

4XL to 54" / 137 cm approx *

5XL to 56" / 142 cm approx *

6XL to 58" / 147.5 cm approx *

7XL to 60" / 152.5 cm approx *


* Sizes 3XL and over are generally made to order and will take 2-3 days longer to be despatched. We are currently in the process of adding the larger sizes to more of the Buckle 1922 brand braces on the website - if the style you are interested does not yet show the larger sizes please contact us.


Wiseguy Suspenders:


Currently only available in Wiseguy M/L - approximate length 49 inches / 124 cm.


E L Cravatte:


One size only - approximate length 49 inches / 124 cm.


Children's Braces Sizes

Note - Ages below are a guideline only and measurement is recommended in the same way as for the men's braces, see above


Suspender Factory Children's Trouser Braces:


25" / 63.5 cm approximate fit for around 9 months to 24 months

30" / 76 cm approximate fit for 2 to 5 yrs old

36" / 91.5 cm approximate fit for about 5 yrs to about 5 ft. tall


Buckle Jr Children's Trouser Braces:


XS 24" / 61 cm approximate fit for 1-2 year old

S 28" / 71 cm approximate fit for 3-4 year old

M 36" / 91.5 cm approximate fit for 5-7 year old

L 42" / 106.6 cm approximate fit for 8-10 year old